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zhangxue Oct 10

Caution with the so-called "wooden floor maintenance essential oil" Recently, in addition to the body beauty massage "essential oil", there have been the use of wood flooring so-called "wood pontoon floor covering Australia essential oil." The so-called essential oil, is a extract from the flowers, {TodayHot} leaves, seeds, bark, roots and other volatile aromatic substances and used in the human body from the health effects.

Whether it really play the role of human health, is not known, nor in our study, we have to say here is the maintenance of the wooden floor. Essential oil extraction methods are distillation, solvent extraction, oil separation and fencing for garden extraction, refrigeration and compression method.

High-purity essential oils are water-resistant, but the oil will still contain a certain percentage of water (about 5% -7%), the so-called essential oils just like the juice we drink, the lower the purity, possible impurities and moisture The higher the higher.

And often in the deployment, but also a large number of mixed with base oil, and do plastic fences leach chemicals Switzerland ultimately the real essential oil content and moisture content may be similar. Wooden floor maintenance Essential oil In the maintenance of wood flooring, if the following conditions: poor ventilation or indoor high humidity case, the oil contained inside the deck roof plastic materials water will make the wood floor moisture and the degree of deformation ranging from varying degrees.