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zhangxue Oct 12

Composite floor, excellent and reasonable floor with a wear and tear, anti-Alice, to prevent mold, no grinding, easy construction, etc., to become the new darling of the market. Currently on the market complex variety of flooring, good and bad, the purchase should be identified from the five aspects: see: high-quality composite floor surface smooth, gorgeous color, natural, complete variety vinyl fence material supplier specifications, the opposite moisture-proof balance layer thickness; poor surface rough,

Variety, specifications, single, negative moisture balance layer thin. Listen to: high-quality composite flooring and other hard walk surface over membrane roof objects with time, issued a crisp and bright metal sound, and no obvious scratches; low-quality composite floor, issued by the mute sound, and scratches obvious.

Touch: high-quality composite floor size thickness of the same, two pieces of floor splicing seamless, hand touch joints are very smooth; poor quality composite floor size varies, there are obvious gaps in the splicing, hand touch joints have obvious building a wooden stair handrail to concrete steps sense of concavity. Wen: As the selection of materials and equipment is not the same, high-quality composite floor environmental pollution-free, rich natural wood flavor, low-quality composite floor fragrance is not obvious, and some even contain harmful chemical tongue and groove preasure treated plywood composition, emitting a pungent smell.